Versa Pro Spray Booth

At Cali Tan, we recognize that tanning beds are not for everyone. But that doesn’t stop us from striving to bring you the glowing, bronze skin you have been looking for. For those interested in ‘sunless tans,’ we are excited to offer spray tanning with the Versa Pro Spray Booth, one of the most advanced in the business.

Why Choose Spray Tanning?

Everyone wants a beautiful tan but not everyone can stay under the tanning lights. Sensitive skin can make it difficult to attend a tanning salon regularly or even be out in the sun for too long, making spray tans a perfect alternative. Sunless tanning is also an excellent choice for people on the go who simply don’t have time to go to the salon.

What Makes the Versa Pro Spray Booth Special?

The Versa Pro is a special design from MagicTan, a leader in the industry. This booth is spacious and offers state-of-the-art comfort options that you can’t find in other booths. Many spray booths only give you one option, but the Versa Pro allows for three levels of sunless tanning! You get to choose exactly which tone you want.

These booths also allow you to choose from two different tanning solutions:

Cosmetic Bronzer

This solution combines the Magic Tan bronzing spray with a cosmetic bronzer. Joining these applications brings you instant results and a glowing, beautiful tan.

Clear Bronzer

This solution does not combine the cosmetic bronzer, which is ideal if you are planning to be on the go–no more sticking to your clothes! You’ll have the same results, without any of the mess!

Additional Benefits of Versa Pro

Versa Pro booths come equipped with comfort-dry technology that leaves your skin clear after every application. These booths also offer intelliSENSE, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly select whether you want treatment for your entire body, legs, or face.

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