What are UV Levels?

Cali Tan aims to bring a personalized tanning experience for everyone. Because we want to help you achieve your tanning goals, we offer multiple options that can work for the needs of your skin and personal preference. Here’s what you need to know about our different tanning levels, what they involve, and why we offer these options in the first place.

Why Offer Different Tanning Levels?
We all know that everyone is different and there are many kinds of skin in the world. So, it would not make sense to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to tanning. People with fair or sensitive skin need a slower introduction to tanning than those with a solid base tan. For each tanning need, we offer a level that works for you.
What is Level 1?
Our entry-level beds use more UVB light to help increase your melanin production. This can be achieved in 12 to 15-minute sessions to help your skin get accustomed to the process before you move up.
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What is Level 2?
Our Level 2 beds are Medium Pressure Turbo models and VHR stand-up beds. Sessions in these also take 12 minutes to complete. VHR (Very High Reflective) beds use specialized lamps that can take your tanning experience up a notch. The stand-up models are also excellent to deliver a tan to hard-to-reach areas.
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What is Level 3?
These beds are best suited for people who have developed a healthy base tan and want to start getting more bronze. Level 3 uses Medium Pressure Royal Sun beds that are used in 12-minute sessions and the Medium Pressure Matrix L58 which takes 15-minutes.
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What is Level 4?
At this point, we start using our high-pressure beds such as the Matrix V28 stand-up model. These beds use more UVA light, which has a higher wavelength. Therefore, the light can penetrate the skin even deeper to create a much richer and darker tan.
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What is Level 5?
Reserved for experienced tanners and those with already deep tans, level 5 beds are our highest performing Matrix models. These beds use a 99% - 1% UVA light to UVB light ratio to increase darkness in already tanned skin tones. Sessions in these beds are about 15-minutes and produce the desire tone without any of the burn.
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Want to Learn More About Our Tanning Levels?
We’ve designed our tanning systems to give every skin-type what they need while avoiding the burning and discomfort. Cali Tan is committed to giving you the skin you’ve always wanted in personalized sessions. Contact us today to learn more!

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