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13,0000watts of tanning power
10 Min. Max.
UVA 98%
UVB 2.5%–8.5% selection
48, 200 watt lamps
6, p2 vitamin D3 pigment tubes
2, 300 watt shoulder tanners
4, 600 watt facials adjustable or on/off
Electronically powered Ballast (Green Energy)
Built-in Air Conditioner for a cool session.
Aromatherapy,Aqua Cool misters
Mp3, IPod, or Joystick/USB compatible.
Preselection, user friendly display programed from outside the bed on the canopy.
Voice prompting to guide you through your session.
Pure Air system, ionized air filtration for tanning odors.
3 Levels to select from Dark, Darker and Darkest.
Cockpit controls for tanners convenience.
CPI Technology extend lamp life upto 1200hrs.

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