There’s no shame in wanting to look great, because it means feeling great –when you are proud of the way you look, your mental health improves as well. Caring for yourself also means caring for the aspects of you that suffer the most wear and tear and few parts of your body get more of the brunt of everyday life than the face does. Cali Tan is here to care for your face just as we care for the rest of you.

What are Facials?

Facials are skin care treatments that focus on, well, your face! There are many different therapies that fall under the category of facials. Some of the most common include exfoliations, extractions, facial masks, and peels.

Why Do I Need a Facial?

Your face takes more punishment than you realize. If you exercise often, oils can accumulate and plug your pores, which leads to acne. As the seasons change, your face is also exposed to cold air that can dry your skin and harsh sun which can cause wrinkles and cracks. Facials help combat the accumulation of these factors to keep your skin shining and looking young.

What Are the Other Benefits of Facials?

  • Cleanse your skin from toxins and unhealthy oils
  • Combat the effects of aging
  • Enhance your facial blood circulation
  • Open pores and prevent acne

Are You Looking to Improve Your Skin with a Facial?

At Cali Tan, we offer a wide range of facial treatments designed to give you the vibrant skin you’ve always wanted. Just come in, lie back, and relax as we do the work. By the time you leave, you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Contact us today to learn more!

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