Mystic Kyss

There’s something so visually appealing about a nice, bronze skin tone. A beautiful tan gives a youthful glow that is simply hard to beat. However, what if you want to avoid the sun or the UV light from a tanning bed? Maybe you have an event coming up and don’t have time to do enough sessions to get to that perfect color? For these special cases, Cali Tan is excited to offer spray tan (or sunless tanning) with our innovative Mystic Kyss booth!

Why Choose Sunless Tanning?

The two biggest reasons people choose spray tan are to avoid UV light and for the convenience. Some people have particularly sensitive skin that does not react well to sustained light. However, they still want to add color to the complexion. Why shouldn’t they have that opportunity? In these cases, sunless tanning is the way to go!  

Spray tanning is more convenient and less time consuming than a regular tanning session. If you want to reach your desired bronze appearance, it can take several visits to the tanning bed. On the contrary, a spray tan can be done in a single visit and lasts anywhere from three to seven days!

How Does the Mystic Kyss Booth Work?

The Mystic Kyss spray tanning booth is one of the best available. This booth provides a spacious and inviting environment in which you won’t feel confined or uncomfortable. Unlike other options, Mystic Kyss only requires you to stand in two positions and provides clear voice prompts that are easy to follow. When you're done with your session, simply stand and enjoy the heated dry which will ensure a complete, even tan in record time–and without the usual stickiness.  

Benefits of Spray Tanning

  • Even color throughout
  • Wears away naturally after a couple of days
  • No dangerous chemicals

Ready to Try Out Our Mystic Kyss Sunless Tanning Booth?

For the best spray tan experience, Cali Tan has you covered with top-of-the-line equipment and our signature customer service. Contact us to learn more!

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