Level 5

Level 5 beds offer the most intense tanning experience. Once your skin has been exposed to enough tanning, normal beds just won’t do the job quite as well as you need them to. At Cali Tan, our Level 5 beds are our highest performing equipment for those in search of a darker tone. 

What Makes a Level 5 Tanning Bed Different? 

When you first start tanning, your skin is sensitive to UV light, which makes it easier to absorb. This means you produce melanin quickly and the changes in color become more pronounced.

The more you tan, the more difficult it is for those UV rays to penetrate through your skin.  For this reason, our Level 5 tanning beds have the lowest amount of UVB which guarantees a dark tan fast with virtually no chance of over exposure. These beds use a much higher level of UVA light (99%), than UVB (1%) to penetrate your skin without overexposure. Level 5 beds are highly effective and take just one to four visits to build your desired tan.

Which Beds Do We Use? 

For this level of tan, we use only the highest quality tanning beds that match cutting edge technology with comfort.

Our Matrix model is perfect for this task as it’s the most technologically advanced high-pressure bed in the world. 

Matrix uses dynamic energy control and 28 lamps of 800 watts each to bring you the most effective tanning experience in just 12 minutes!  This bed also includes aromatherapy options and has MP3 capabilities so you can listen to your favorite songs or podcast while you tan! 

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