Level 4

Our Level 4 beds provide the perfect combination of safety and intensity for anyone wishing to achieve a darker tone without being exposed to the harmful rays from the sun. Level 4 beds are intended for maintaining a darker desired bronze for longer.

What Makes Level 4 Tanning Beds Different?

To understand these beds, you need to first understand the two different types of light that can tan your skin; UVA and UVB.


UVB light has a shorter wavelength and has a quicker reaction on your skin. This is the light responsible for accelerating your vitamin D production. However, UVB light is also responsible for the burning sensation you feel when you’ve been out on the sun for too long.


UVA light has a much longer wavelength which means they can pass through different barriers, like windows or clouds, and penetrate deeper into the skin. UVA light is also associated with changes in mood and energy levels.

Which Type of Light is Used in Level 4 Beds?

Because Level 4 tanning beds are intended for skin that has already been regularly exposed to tanning, they use a much higher level of UVA light (99%), than UVB (1%). That’s because the darker your skin has become, the deeper the light needs to penetrate to change the tone.

Benefits of Our Level 4 Tanning Beds

The major benefit of the higher-level beds is that you can achieve a deeper tan that is more long lasting without spending any additional time under the lights. You can build your desired tan in just six to ten visits. Other benefits include:

  • Quick 12-minute sessions
  • Stand-up and lay-down options to get the hard-to-reach areas
  • Large amount of tanning power in a single session

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