Level 3

For darker skin tones and for those more experienced with tanning, our level 3 beds can help you reach the color you desire. These beds offer a higher level of light intensity than our Level 1 and Level 2 beds without sacrificing safety or comfort.

What Makes the Level 3 Beds Different?

Our Level 3 Beds come in two models:


Icon beds offer a combination of UVA and UVB rays that can help you achieve your desired tan color in no more than ten minutes. They also have the added benefit of facial bulbs, for an even, full-bodied tan.


These Matrix models are on the forefront of tanning technology and do the job in 15 minutes. Powered with dynamic energy control, they have the same tanning capabilities with less energy consumption than other models.

Both beds have more bulbs, produce more UVA light, and are more effective in producing the ideal tan skin tone.

What are the Benefits of Level 3 Tanning Beds?

The major benefit of the higher-level beds is that you can achieve a deeper tan that is more long-lasting without spending any additional time under the lights. This means a higher color potential without drying your skin and reducing the aging drawbacks of other tanning options.

Building a tan takes time, but the higher-intensity beds can help you achieve your desired tone in less visits than lower-level models. You can start experiencing the ideal results in just six to ten visits.

It’s Time to Get Your Dream Skin Tone

Cali Tan is here for every step of your tanning progress. Starting from our Level 1 beds to our highly effective Level 3 beds, we can help you get your bronze and maintain it. Contact us today to learn more!

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