Level 2

Why Increase Your Tanning Level?

Our skins are resilient and can quickly adapt to the type of UV light exposure you receive from a tanning bed. Starting at the first level is excellent for beginners and people with particularly pale skin, but if you are trying to reach a certain tone, going up a level is the key.

What Makes Level 2 Beds Different?

Our level 2 tanning beds offer specific facial lamps and have less UVB but higher wattage to achieve a deeper/darker glow. These tables are either VHR (Very High Reflective – best suited to achieve a tan in a brief period) lay-down or stand-up models. Stand-up beds are particularly helpful because it helps you get a tan in hard-to-reach areas such as under the arms.

Although you can see results after a short, 12-minute session, building a lasting base and beautiful tan requires multiple sessions. Depending on your skin, eight to twelve sessions are ideal for building a tan.

Benefits of Using Cali Tan Level 2 Beds

With our tanning options, you can enjoy all the usual benefits from tanning such as:

  • Increased vitamin D production
  • Nicer skin tone
  • Enhanced self-esteem

But if you take advantage of our package deals, you can use either our VHR or stand-up beds without restrictions.

Are You Ready to Get Your Tan On?

Cali Tan has an option for every skin type. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced tanning addict, we got you covered! Contact us today to learn more!

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