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Hey you! Are you a little intimidated by indoor tanning?

We understand, everyone wants that beautiful, bronze California tan but not all of us are quite ready for the intensity of certain tanning beds. This is especially true if you are new to tanning and have fairer skin that is more sensitive to UV light. Luckily, Cali Tan caters to all skin types and our level 1 tanning options are excellent for beginners looking to build a base tan while maintaining the glow of their skin.

Why Tan?

Most people think about tanning as an activity with purely cosmetic benefits. Although a bronze tone indeed improves your appearance, did you know that tanning actually has some excellent medical benefits?

That’s right! Turns out that indoor tanning helps increase your melanin production which improves your skin’s ability to prevent sunburn. Tanning also increases your body’s vitamin D production. This helps your immune system fight off disease, keep high blood pressure in check, and has even been shown to help combat depression.

What do Level 1 Tanning Beds Do Anyway?

Glad you asked – everyone has different skin and with that comes different requirements. If you are on the paler side, getting into a high-intensity tanning bed could result in a “sunburn” and no one wants that.

Our Level 1 tanning beds are perfect for newbies and anyone who has been away from the sun for some time. You only need to be there for 12 to 15 minutes and that’s it! The bed will produce the highest amount of UVB light to help your slowly build a base tan without harming your skin.

These Level 1 beds are our most budget-friendly option. But keep in mind that to build a good base you’ll have to visit frequently – about 10 to 15 visits usually does the trick. Soon your skin will start producing more melanin and you’ll notice a subtle darkening with none of the redness.

Why are Level 1 Tanning Beds Perfect for You?

  • Lower intensity
  • Instant results
  • Keep your skin safe

Ready to Get Your Glow on With Our Level 1 Tanning Beds?

Cali Tan is all about making you look and feel beautiful. But it’s hard to feel beautiful when you look like a lobster! Don’t worry! That’s why we offer different levels of tanning for every skin type. Contact us today to learn more!

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