Why should I tan?
More than just improving the appearance of your skin, tanning has a wide range of health benefits. Exposure to UV light increases your vitamin D production which helps fight certain diseases and even depression! Tanning also helps combat the presence of acne.  
Is indoor tanning better than outdoor tanning?
Yes! This is due to two reasons – safety and moderation. When you are out in the sun, you are exposed to the same UV rays everyone else is getting regardless of your skin tone. Tanning booths offer a controlled environment in which you can choose your tanning level and avoid burning.
Do I need to be a certain age to tan?
We do have an age restriction for our tanning options and abide by the California restrictions for underage indoor tanning. Therefore, we do not provide UV tanning services for anyone under the age of 18. Airbrush and spray tanning is allowed under 18 with parental consent.
Why do you have so many tanning levels?
Everyone’s skin type is different. Fair skin is more sensitive to UV exposure than darker skin tones. Each level and the corresponding beds are designed to give every skin type the treatment it needs to get to their desired skin tone.
How do I know which is my tanning level?
Your tanning level will depend on your skin tone and skin sensitivity. Generally, the higher the level, the higher the UVA light that will seep deeper into your skin for a darker tan. If you have fair skin or are new to tanning, we recommend starting with level 1 or 2 and working your way up. You can also ask our representative at your tanning location and they can assist you in determining which is the best tanning level for you.
What do I wear to the tanning salon?
Many people choose to wear swimsuits or tan in their underwear. Tanning rooms are very private so many also choose to tan in the nude. Both are acceptable. However, skin that is not normally exposed to UV light can be especially sensitive, so we recommend cutting down the tanning time of these areas to 1/3 of the usual time.
What if I want to tan faster?
We offer several tanning products known as ‘Accelerators’ that create a moisturizing layer on your skin to help the UV light penetrate deeper into your skin. Just ask us about it and slather it on like you would any lotion. Then, enjoy your tan as normal.
How long does it take to get to my desired skin tone?
Depending on your skin tone, you can start seeing results pretty quickly. If you are new to tanning, you might have to slowly work your way through our tanning levels before reaching that dark bronze you have in mind.
Something to keep in mind is that if you don’t get enough UV exposure, tans can gradually fade over time. Therefore, it’s important to tan regularly, about every five days.
When will I see my new tan?
Tans can take up to 24 hours to fully develop. So, just because you don’t see drastic results right when you leave the tanning bed, don’t fret. Your skin will continue to darken overnight.
Should I take any precautions?
Tanning is pretty safe! However, we recommend you keep a few precautions in mind:
  • ALWAYS wear goggles to avoid damage to your eyes.
  • Be careful if you are taking medication or using health or cosmetic products that cause sensitivity to light. Tanning can exacerbate the side effects and cause a serious burn.
  • One More Time: Always ask your doctor if you are ok to tan when taking medication.  
Do I need to upgrade?
Cali Tan offers several packages, each with its own unique benefits. However, if you wish to use a bed that is not included in your package, you will receive a discount for being a member and holding a current package. For example, if you have a Classic VIP membership for level 1 beds, you will receive a discount on other beds of higher level. For example, paying $7 for a level two bed which would typically be $14.
How long does it last?
This always depends on a wide range of factors such as level of physical activity and how frequently you shower. Usually, a spray tan lasts anywhere from seven to ten days, but if you are sweating frequently or use certain skincare products, the color may fade quicker.
How do I make my spray tan last longer?
The color given by a sunless tan is shallowly absorbed by your skin. Therefore, avoiding situations where your skin is scraped or exfoliated will be the key to making it last longer. You should avoid situations in which you might be sweating excessively or swimming, especially in chlorinated water. We also recommend you keep shaving to a minimum.
Can I shower after a spray tan?
It takes a little bit of time for the sunless tan to settle into the skin. For this reason, we recommend waiting at least five hours before showering so you don’t wash away the results.
How soon will I see a change in my skin color?
You’ll notice a visible change in your skin the second you step out of the booth. However, it could take up to eight hours for the color to properly set in and fully develop.
What should I wear to a sunless tanning session?
Your choice of clothing is pretty important. For the session itself, wear underwear that you don’t mind getting colored. You should also try to find underwear that is approximately the same size and shape as your ‘tan-line.’ Many clients choose to wear disposable underwear in these cases. Immediately after the sunless tan, you should avoid wearing tight clothing until the color fully sets in, otherwise, you risk rubbing away some of the tan.
Is spray tanning safe?
The spray tanning substances we use are completely safe and FDA-approved. However, when you enter the spray booth, you should wear eye protection as the spray could cause some irritation.
Will spray tanning prevent a sunburn?
Our sunless tanning products do not contain sunscreen. Although it adds a coloring layer to your skin that simulates a tan, that does not mean additional protection from UV light.
Which spa treatments do you offer?
Our spa options are designed to help you relax, improve the condition of your skin, and even help you lose weight. Our treatments include:
What is red light therapy?
Studies have shown an association between certain tones of light with improved mood, pain relief, and tissue regeneration. Red light therapy involves bathing your body in near infrared-light to stimulate your cells to start repairing damaged tissue.
What are infrared body wraps?
Infrared wraps are a type of body wrap that combines specialized pads with infrared heating technology. The infrared waves penetrate your skin and get to the deeper fatty tissue, breaking it up little by little. Over time, the fat melts away into your bloodstream, reducing its appearance on your body and improving your metabolism.
What is Cryoskin?
Cryoskin is a revolutionary solution for reducing cellulite and toning the skin. We use a specialized device that is massaged directly onto the skin at very low temperatures. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. It works by freezing the fat tissue and weakening the cells, which are broken up before being naturally absorbed into the bloodstream.
Why would I need a facial?
Our faces are covered in pores that exert oils. These oils can accumulate and often clog those pores which leads to acne. Faces are also exposed to harsh sun rays and cold air which can dry our skin, cause cracks, and lead to wrinkles. Facials help clear your face of oils, clear your pores, and moisturize your skin to keep it looking young and healthy.  

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