What is the difference between a 12 and 15 minute level one bed?

12 minute beds have stronger and faster bulbs, but because it is less time than the 15 minute beds you are actually getting the same amount of exposure. Some people just like to relax for 15 minutes, some prefer to be in and out in 12.

Is the 15 or 12 minute level one bed better?

They are the same! Both our the level one 12 and 15 minute beds are equally as good at giving you a tan, however, we do recommend trying both so you know your preference, and many customers like to switch off. And even though the beds give you the same tan there are some things to consider: a) If tanning for seasonal depression or acne prone skin try a 12 minute bed! b) If you have very fair skin and a difficult time tanning go for our 15 minute beds. Lighter skin tends to get more color with more time under the lights and less intense bulbs.

What is the difference between our 5 levels of beds?

Level 1 beds are either 12 or 15 minutes, and provide a higher amount of UVB, which helps your skin produce melanin. This bed is recommended for fair-skinned tanners to start out with. Once you have gotten a base tan with these beds, move to a higher level to get a darker!

Level 2 beds are 12 minutes long, and there is the option to stand-up (VHR) or lay down (banana bed), and when you buy a package you can use either one. A stand-up is good to use because it tans under your arms, the side of your body, and your shoulders.

Level 3 beds include one 10 minute bed (Icon) and one 15 minute bed (Matrix). These beds both have facial bulbs, which have more UVA light, and are less aging and drying to your skin, allowing you to get more color. These beds have more bulbs, giving you much more color potential which gets you tan quicker, and allows it to last longer.

Level 4 is our high pressure bed. These beds provides the high amount of UVA light (tanning rays), and very little UVB light (burning rays). Choose between our lay down or stand up beds. These beds give a large amount of tanning power in one session. This bed is not ideal for someone who wants to be out in the sun, and be protected, since there are not as much of the UVB rays.

Level 5 is our Darkest and highest performing matrix beds. You can choose between our stand up or lay down matrix. These top of the line beds have 99% UVA light (tanning rays) and only 1% UVB light (burning rays). These beds give you the maximum amount of tanning power in one session.

How do I decide with level I should be tanning?

Generally speaking, when you move up on the beds, you are gaining more UVA light with each one, giving you more color potential, faster, and longer-lasting. This results in you coming in less, and getting a darker color with higher level beds. In order to decide what level is best for you to do you should factor in your skin type, the amount of time you have, your availability, and your preferred bed type. Skin types which are lighter, are recommended to start off in the level 1 or 2 beds, but if time is limited the high pressure is recommended. You can check with our staff in order to figure out what is best for you.

What are skin types?

When you sign up in our salon you will have a short questionnaire to fill out. This is a Skin Type Analysis, which will determine if you are a Skin Type 1, 2, 3, or 4. This will decide your first session time, and also helps to determine the level of bed that you should start out in.

What is an upgrade?

An upgrade is when you are in one of our seven clubs, and you would like to do a bed that is not included in your package. For example if you are in our Classic VIP (level one beds) then you get a discount on any other level beds, such as a level 2, which would be $7 (normally $14).

Why should I use an Accelerator?

There are quite a few reasons as to why to use tanning product when tanning in our beds. These special accelerating lotions allow your skin to produce melanin quicker and more efficiently. An accelerator also creates an effective layer to allow UV to penetrate into your skin. Dry skin reflects the tanning lights, while moisturized skin allows your skin to open up, and take in the tan. You will get tan faster, and don’t have to come as often!