Custom Airbrush Tanning

Getting that perfect tan can be elusive, especially when you are under a time constraint. If it’s Monday and you want to look on point for an event on Wednesday, you simply can’t fit in the multiple tanning sessions it will take to get to your ideal skin color. Luckily, Cali Tan has a solution for you! Custom airbrush tanning is the perfect option for people looking to get a perfect, tanned look in a single appointment and at the hands of a professional who knows exactly how to get the best visual results.

What is Custom Airbrush Tanning?

Custom airbrush tanning is equal parts art and science. Instead of standing in a booth, a professional technician will use a specialized airbrush gun to apply a tanning solution directly onto your skin.

Airbrushing is especially effective because our technicians know how to get the perfect blend and apply the spray exactly where you need it. This helps avoid pale areas and gets you closer to a complete, even tan. After just one appointment, you can enjoy the results for up to seven days!

How Do I Prepare for an Airbrush Tan Appointment?

For the best results, we recommend you take the following steps before your visit:

  • Make your appointment 24 hours in advance
  • If you are airbrushing for an event, make sure that your appointment is for the day before to allow yourself AT LEAST six hours before showering
  • Shower before you come in
  • Shave the day of, or the day before your appointment
  • Exfoliate your skin with an oil-free scrub
  • Try not to apply any oils, make-up, perfume, lotions, moisturizers, or deodorant
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing
  • Some solution will rub off on your clothing, but if washed soon after, it will come right out
  • Wearing a top is not required - you can either wear your own bottoms, or we also provide a disposable undergarment (the choice is yours!)

What Do I Do After an Airbrush Tan Appointment?

Aftercare will determine how well your airbrush tan sets in; here’s what you should do:

  • Do not shower for at least six to eight hours after your appointment. It is best to wait overnight.
  • When you take your first shower, you will notice that a lot of color will come off - this is just the initial bronzers. You will still see excellent results!
  • Do NOT scrub too hard when in the shower, and pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing
  • Do NOT work out or engage in any water activity - try to avoid perspiring BEFORE you have showered; after you have showered, it is okay to do so
  • Do NOT take very long or hot showers, and avoid baths
  • When shaving, use a sharp and clean razor
  • You should try to avoid hot tubs and pools as they have chlorine in them, which will eat away at the solution
  • Keep your body very moisturized AFTER you have showered, we recommend our Hempz lotion, but any alcohol-free lotion will work
  • You must still wear alcohol free sunscreen when outdoors since you have no UV protection
  • Your tan will last for about five to seven days before gradually fading away
  • Do NOT worry if you notice dark areas around the creases of your neck, underarms, elbows, and knees. These are just the initial bronzers that will blend in completely after showering
  • Do NOT worry if your underarms or neck have a green tint to them. This is just the DHA in the solution that we apply to your body reacting with any deodorant or sweat that was left on your body
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us
  • Lastly, enjoy your bronzed flawless tan!

Are You Looking for Custom Airbrush Tanning?

Our salon offers the best UV- free airbrush tanning service around, and we let you choose exactly how bronzed you want to be! Our trained airbrush artists apply an Aloe Vera based, organic solution onto your body, giving you a completely customized color. If you are ready for beautiful, natural-looking results, contact us today!

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